About the band

The Princeton Brass Band was founded in May 2004. It is what is commonly referred to as a 'British-Style' brass band (cornets, flugel horn, alto/tenor horns, baritones, euphoniums, tenor and bass trombones, Eb tuba and Bb tuba and percussion) with 28 players, to distinguish it from the 'American-Style' jazz brass band.

The Princeton Brass Band - Ensemble-in-Residence at Rider University from 2008-2018 - is now a major cultural presence in New Jersey and the USA, drawing players from Philadelphia and New York as well as NJ itself. PBB is a member of the North American Brass Band Association (NABBA). In 2008 the band brought the first trophy in NABBA history back to New Jersey. In 2013 the Princeton Brass Band became National Champions of North America (NABBA).

The band has an extensive collection of performance videos on You Tube, many of those videos can also be found in the ‘Images and Video’ page on our site - just a few clicks over. The band has toured nationally and were Guest Artists at the Great American Brass Band Festival in Kentucky.

The band motto ‘Resurgam’ means ‘I Shall Rise Again’.

Our Artistic Director


Dr. Stephen Arthur Allen achieved recognition in the British brass band scene during the 70’s and 80’s as an award-winning euphoniumist at the national level and as a conductor. He was awarded a scholarship by legendary composer Eric Ball and conductor the the Black Dyke Band, Geoffrey Brand. He came under this early influence of conductor Sir Simon Rattle (Berlin Philharmonic). His PhD (Phil) from Oxford University is in the music of Benjamin Britten. He is also an authority on brass band history and repertoire, The Beatles, Radiohead, and the films of Stanley Kubrick. He publishes regularly in the brass band press. Steve is also in increasing demand as a brass band trainer, recently working in Canada and the Northwest Brass Band Festival in Seattle. He was also academic tutor and euphoniumist with the North American Brass Band Summer School in Halifax, Nova Scotia (directed by Bob and David Childs), performing with members of the Cory Band in front of 6,000 per night for nine nights as part of the Royal International Nova Scotia tattoo.

Steve is professor of Music at Rider University, having also taught at the Britten-Pears School of Advanced Music Studies (Aldeburgh), Oxford, Princeton, Rutgers and Rowan Universities. He was visiting Professor of Euphonium at Rutgers University from 2008-2014. He teaches a variety of courses including theory, history (classical and pop), world music, the Beatles and Radiohead, and the film music of Stanley Kubrick. He designed a unique BA in Popular Music Culture that was launched in fall 2012.

Steve founded the Princeton Brass Band in 2004 and has overseen the band’s prominent rise as a cultural force in the USA. In 2011 Steve accept the invitation to become the Music Director of the Lancaster British Brass Band in Pennsylvania. He founded the Rutgers University Brass Band (2011-2015) and the Rider University Brass Band. Steve was a two term president of NABBA (the North American Brass Band Association, 2011-2014).